Digital Edition of Philipp Gumpenhuber’s Chronicle of the Viennese Theatrical Life Between 1758 and 1763

Philipp Gumpenhuber (1706–1770) was associated with Viennese theatrical life as dancer, choreographer and ballet master. Commissioned by Giacomo Durazzo, Gumpenhuber was given the task of documenting the performances and rehearsals at the Viennese “Burgtheater” and “Kärntnertortheater” in a chronicle. Gumpenhuber’s manuscript chronicle (written in French and Italian) offers insights into the program of the two theaters between 1758–1759 and 1761–1763, documents theatrical rehearsals on a daily basis and provides information on the theatres’ personnel and performers as well as on important social and political events in the context of the theatrical life.

This project is situated between the disciplines of Digital Humanities and Music History and will result in a critical digital edition of Gumpenhuber’s chronicle incorporating XML encoding on the basis of the TEI standards. The resulting digital edition will make one of the most significant sources of Viennese theatrical life in the second half of the eighteenth century broadly and openly accessible via an online-platform. The tool set of the Digital Humanities extends the scope of a traditional historical methodology massively and will result in new insights on the topic that can be used also in a wide interdisciplinary context.

The project application will be submitted at the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) as a stand-alone-project and will be conducted in the form of an interdisciplinary cooperation between the Institute of Musicology and the Institute/Centre for Information Modelling.